The Feeling That’s Occupied My Heart Since I Was a Little Girl.

It is 8 pm in Miami and I am still in my acupuncture office but I do not feel tired or exhausted because of YOU (my patients and friends) who gave me all the support to do what I am supposed to do – help others.

This is a feeling that occupied my heart since I was a little girl. Yet today my heart is still the same and there is nothing better then your testimonials to make me feel so happy.

I have been working on many of your health issues for a certain time, but today was kind of a celebration and summary of many cases I spent time on.

My day started very early being able to help someone with diabetes. Then a phone call of someone who was not able to make it today but was so disappointed which makes me understand how much you really appreciate our services. The same person just gave me the news of feeling so much better after 2 years struggling with excruciating pain, and after just a couple of acupuncture treatments is pain free. Do you know how much his life has changed???

Then another phone call with a lady suffering many decades of food allergies which would not only do not allow her to eat what we all like but would provoke a massive migraines lasting for days. She just told me that since I have done acupuncture (we did only 2 treatments) her migraine disappeared in 5 minutes and so far never came back and that she was not feeling so great for such a long time.

Then I suddenly saw my other patient coming in with beautiful flowers which are decorating our office now. After that I also got news about another patient who’s pregnancy test was positive thanks to our fertility acupuncture approach.

Then another testimonial of a young men suffering from anxiety and pain in general being relieved by those caring hands of OLGA (our magnificent massage therapist) – and I can go on, and on, and on…

Today the WHOLE UNIVERSE showed me that we have to continue doing what we do in our office: caring and healing. I feel very touched and happy. There is no better way finishing a busy week. Thanks to you. You are all very important to us!




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