It is very challenging to become stress free now a day. We have to work hard, be efficient, on time, provide financial support to our family, take care of our loved ones and much more.

Stress can be divided into good stress and bad stress. Good stress stimulates our lives when we are active, energetic, alert, and focused. However, sometimes all those activities become overwhelming and our health, mood, productivity, relationships, and quality of life become negatively affected. That’s bad stress.
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When a stressful situation gets prolonged, we start to get used to it, thus becoming normal to us. We may not realize how much it affects us, even when it’s taking a heavy toll on our mind, body, and behavior. One day we might wake up with a headache; or high blood pressure; or feeling pain on our legs; or with anxiety. Stress can manifest itself with many different symptoms throughout our body, including depression.

At our Wellness Center, we help our patients reduce and get rid of the symptoms caused by stress in a natural way, by treating the cause of the problem, so you do not have to depend on medication. During your initial evaluation we will determine the best treatment for you which could be a combination of massage, acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, moxa, life style changes, etc. All you need to do is to call us and schedule your first appointment.