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“In the Tang dynasty, Sun Si-Miao, the greatest Chinese doctor of his time said that the Chinese medicine doctors should first modify the patient’s diet and lifestyle and, only if those remedies are not enough, should they apply acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine to treat patient’s unbalance.” 

Holistic Nutritional Programs Miami, FL

That is a pretty strong statement considering that we are not used to hearing from our doctors about the importance of good nutrition, and it’s sad because food is literally our fuel. Whatever we eat will be transformed into our blood stream and will spread into each cell of our body. All our muscles are full of blood and when we accumulate too many toxins they, as well as our organs, will be affected. In Chinese Medicine optimum nutrition is extremely important, because of its affects on the whole body’s mechanism and metabolism.

In our Miami Wellness Clinic we pay a lot of attention to nutrition. That’s why each patient is evaluated individually and receives a dietary prescription based on their needs. Some of our patients want to lose weight so we combine diet with other necessary treatment options; while others need to balance digestion or their metabolism. We help patients reduce their cholesterol level, lower high blood pressure, reduce any hormonal unbalances and much more. We can help you achieve these benefits just by changing your diet.

Come visit us and learn about your body’s predispositions and how they can be corrected or improved so you can live better.

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