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Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is an alternative treatment, consisting of applying pressure to the feet or hands, without the use of lotions or oils. Reflexologists claim the methodology is based on zones and reflex areas that reproduce a picture of our bodies on our hands and feet, producing physical changes when these zones are treated with pressure.

Eva Paglialonga - Miami Reflexologist

There’s no comprehensive agreement amongst reflexologists on how reflexology should really function. The unifying idea is that certain areas on the base of the feet can be manipulated with pressure to improve the qi (energy) in our body, which subsequently improves our health. According to reflexology, the body is divided into 10 equal zones vertically – with 5 zones on the left side and the other 5 zones on the right.

These zones are reflected on every organ and gland of the body. By applying pressure on the zones with nothing else than the fingers and hands, tension and circulation is improved and the related areas of the body are relieved and affected naturally.



One of the most effective for your feet, this massage was originated in ancient China and has been used more than 3000 years. The reflexes on the foot are a mirror image of all the organs, glands and parts of the body and for this reason this massage prevents and alleviates many diseases. In our Wellness Center we usually use a combination of techniques learned by our therapists in China and Thailand to provide you with the best foot massage experience. The session can be scheduled and may vary between 30 or 60 minutes according to your needs.Eva Paglialonga - Miami Reflexologist

You can also benefit from other massage therapy techniques that we offer, like:

  • Whole Body Therapeutic Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Traditional Thai massage
  • Tuina
  • Hot stone

Whatever massage you choose, we will make sure that you leave our clinic feeling relaxed and having had the best experience ever. Also, you can take advantage of our gifts certificates and offer it to someone you love.

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