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We consider that a human touch is one of the most important things we can get. We all get busy during the day and accumulate a lot of stress. Sometimes we also get injured or feel some body aches. It doesn’t matter if you need to relax or get rid of accumulated tension from your body, we are here to help you.

Licensed Massage Therapist Miami FL

Our Miami wellness center is specialized in many different massage therapy modalities that have been used over millennia. Our massage therapists have tremendous experience, including training all around the world in places like Thailand, China, Europe and South America.

Since our wellness center is a place where we use Traditional Chinese Medicine to also help people with health problems, we incorporate Asian healing methods in our massage treatments. These healing methods are centered on the meridian system (invisible channels in our body), through which we can attain the maximum benefits of relaxing, balancing the body and the soul, getting rid of aches, different body discomforts, and much more. Some of these techniques, like Thai Massage, Reflexology/Foot Massage and Tuina are highly therapeutical and include stretching to improve flexibility.

Additionally, we provide Swedish as well as “Deep Tissue” massages, however, our therapists can always tailor your body treatment to your specific needs and this is the reason we rather call it “Whole Body Therapeutic Massage”.

We have a list with all the modalities we offer, which you can request when booking your appointment. Also, if needed, we can help you choose the right massage.

We understand that you have a busy schedule, that’s why we have flexible hours during weekdays and are open on Saturdays as well.

We aim at offering you a healing touch, and making you feel relaxed, pampered, refreshed and renewed.


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