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Deep Tissue Massage helps treat any musculoskeletal issues you may have received, such as injuries during sports or any strains. Here at “Miami Center for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine,” Dr. Ma and the trusted acupuncturist, have a reliable team of massage therapists that perform outstanding Deep Tissue Massages. This massage makes use of deep healing strokes that have, in return help your body heal by increasing blood circulation and reducing muscle and tissue tension. To schedule a Deep Tissue Massage, call the office in Miami, Florida, or book an appointment online.

Deep Tissue Massage Q&A

What is Deep Tissue Massage?

Your body is made up of connective tissues and muscles – they help you perform your daily routine and protect your body from any harm and damage.

Conditions such as sports injuries, sports, tension, and stress can damage your muscles and tissues if reasonable care is not taken. Deep Tissue Massage that the Canadian Doctor Therese Phimmer developed comprises techniques that help break up the scar tissue and any muscle knots present.

The massage therapists at "Miami Center for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine" are adequately trained in Deep Tissue Massage. They also have credentials when it comes to this massage from the United States.

What are the advantages of "Deep Tissue Massage"?

"Deep Tissue Massage" helps restore your entire body by eliminating musculoskeletal pains and reducing inflammation. It helps provide relief from a number of conditions such as:

  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle and Tissue Inflammation
  • Pregnancy pains (A study conducted in 2016 found that Deep Tissue Massage helped reduce pregnancy back pain in a 28-year-old woman)
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Indigestion

When it comes to benefiting from the Deep Tissue Massage, you don't need to have a specific condition to reap its advantages. This massage is the ultimate tool to fight off muscle and tissue tension, frequent increases in blood pressure, and provide faster healing to injuries.

What should I keep under consideration during a Deep Tissue Massage?

This is usually a session that ranges from 30-60 minutes, depending on the patients' requirements. Before starting, your massage therapist will ask you to state any current symptoms you have and analyze your past medical history.

During the Massage session, you will be required to lay down, and then, the designated area of your body will be uncovered and gradually dealt with.

Deep Tissue Massage makes use of strokes that deeply affect the inner layers of the body to deal with any musculoskeletal pains you may have. A review that was conducted in 2018 came to the conclusion that this massage aided people in managing their pain.

You can be certain to feel afresh, anew, and relaxed once the massage is done.

To schedule an appointment for manual Deep Tissue Massage at “Miami Center for Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine,” call the office or book online today.