Natural facelift, made possible by acupuncture and oriental medicine, offers long lasting results.

Facial Acupuncture is the technique of placing needles in particular points on your face. They improve your face’s blood circulation and the flow of energy between them, making your face appear much younger while also reducing signs of aging by a significant margin.

An acupuncturist will place about 40-80 extraordinarily tiny and painless needles when performing facial lifting acupuncture. The needles then puncture the skin creating small wounds called microtraumas. When your body identifies these wounds, it starts repairing them instantly. This repairing process ensures that your body reams bright and young for a long time.

Like any other Acupuncture method, these small wounds stimulate both your circulatory and lymphatic systems, which both works in harmony to provide the necessary nutrients and vitamins to your body.

What are the advantages of facial lifting acupuncture?

Facial Lifting Acupuncture actively nourishes your skin cells by providing them with oxygen. This helps considerably with your complexion by evening it out while also helping your skin glow brighter. These small wounds or microtraumas help in the production of collagen as well. Ultimately, all these vitamins and nutrients help reduce aging signs while minimizing fine lines, diminishing wrinkles, and improving elasticity by a fair margin.

Acupuncture is much less intense as compared to micro-needling as it averages a much lower amount of punctures. However, they do have a comparable effect.

Are there any health risks of facial lifting acupuncture?

Facial Lifting Acupuncture, or Acupuncture in general, is considered an extremely safe and very painless procedure. In Chinese traditional medicine, it was used as a part of a healthy lifestyle. Suppose you wish to have a relatively risk-free and painless process. In that case, you should seek a licensed acupuncturist in the U.S. who, alongside their experience and expertise, promises a sterile and clean clinical expertise.

If you do not have a history of cardiovascular, pituitary disorders and are not currently pregnant or ill, you are ideal for the procedure. However, you should still consult a licensed practitioner who can provide you with a risk-free, painless treatment methodology tailor-made for your individual needs.

In essence, there are no real health risks of facial lifting acupuncture as it is done by a licensed medical practitioner and is a technique traditionally used for centuries with excellent results.

Does Facial lifting acupuncture work?

Facial lifting acupuncture has been proven through previous client experiences time and time again. It is an effective method for you to retain your facial health while revitalizing your skin and health at the same time. Moreover, facial Acupuncture or Acupuncture, in general, acts as holistic and natural alternatives to artificial procedures.

So, while it may seem that artificial cosmetic procedures might produce better results, they do come with a wide array of well-documented side effects as well. Therefore, it makes sense for most to pursue a natural treatment methodology that is both safe, painless, and relatively inexpensive.

What Are The Long term benefits of facial lifting acupuncture?

Acupuncture has proven to have numerous long-term benefits due to the amount of revitalization it can provide. Acupuncturing Facelifting can be used to treat and reduce a massive variety of skin conditions that range from Acne to Dull Skin. Moreover, if you have always suffered from skin that is too light or lax or has ever had a puffy outer layer, acupuncture might significantly help you with your condition.

Is facial lifting acupuncture cheap?

You can consult a registered traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner for your facial lifting needs. They are considerably cheaper than any Injections while also being much safer for your body in the long run.

Since their positive effects last a long time, you can expect nothing but value for your money as your face remains youthful and wrinkle-free while also appearing much bright than it did before your treatment.

How can I make my face look young again?

There are numerous ways for you to reduce the signs of aging on your skin. Keeping your skin healthy by applying organic products and washing your face at appropriate times helps reduce the risk of you getting severe skin conditions. However, the natural biological process will make your face look quite dull and wrinkly over time.

To counteract this, we recommend that you pursue a completely natural facial lifting acupuncture session after consulting with a licensed acupuncturist. Having a deep painless session can ensure that your face remains revitalized for a too long period, helping you naturally look young and bright again no matter what your current age. Coupling this procedure with a healthy diet and good sleeping habits can ensure that your skin stays youthful for many years to come.

Author Veaceslav Vlas Dr. Veaceslav Vlas, DOM, PhD Acupuncture Physician




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