Lower Back Pain

Pain was just a word that stands for some minor injuries throughout all my life… I never thought that it would affect my life to an extend it almost made me dysfunctional at an age of 34. Coming from a very athletic background and can be categorized almost hyperactive, when I started feeling the excruciating back pain and sciatica pain my whole world flipped upside down. I was diagnosed with 3 herniated discs; 2 in Lumbar area and 1 in Thoracic.

One of those on the lumbar region created 60% of stenosis that caused my unbearable sciatica pain that could not be eased down even with 12 ibuprofen a day, which eventually started eating my Stomach and weakening my Liver.

Knowing that western Doctors would either offer temporary pain relief solutions or suggest Back Surgery, I started seeking for alternative solutions. My 1 year journey started with Chiropractors for which I spend around $2000 and 6-7 months there was no improvement buy facebook followers. Every now and then when I get completely dysfunctional, I was put on Steroid pills treatment with home rest for a week (laying down on the floor). Working in a physical field (Pilates Instructor), my studio asked me to stop working for a while as they didn’t want me to work in such condition. Although Pilates was improving my posture and elongating my muscles, the pain was always there. So it had to be something else…

I lost my job for a while and combine with my pain and the aggravation I was walking in the corridors of depression. I finally decided to see a western Doctor and as it was expected they offered epidural shot to take care of the pain temporarily and suggested surgery. I refused to get a epidural shot and finally decided to get a Laser surgery that would cost me $29,000. The burden I would be giving to my family increased my depression.

It was at that point when Dr. Eva and Dr. Garozzo were having a business dinner at my boyfriend’s restaurant one night. Conversations led to my situation and they offered to use me as a case study at one of the seminars they would be organizing for Acupuncture Physicians.

Here I am today; jumping like a monkey and back to work teaching 4-5 classes a day very smoothly and exercising everyday… Happier than ever!

I have no words that would describe how thankful I am to Dr. Eva and Dr. Garozzo! Eva is my Angel.




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