Fire Element and Summer – What Mood Are You In?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine every organ belongs to a season. You have certainly noticed how the weather has changed and we have entered into summer season. Chinese Medicine is very clear about how every season and universal change can affect the human body. In this blog post I want to discuss the major influences summer has on us.

The summer season belongs to the sign of FIRE. In Chinese Medicine the fire element belongs to the HEART organ. This element is associated with the south. Fire warms the mind and in the human body it is linked to the heart, veins, small intestine and the tongue. If you know of anyone who has a heart condition, this is a period of time to be especially careful and watchful.

In the universe, fire is associated with the sun, planet Mars and the Greater Yang. In a psychological sense fire sign corresponds to joy. Fire represents the sense of justice and has a bitter taste. It also brings a sound of expressing laughter. People born during this period have excessive desire to learn and gain inspiration. Fire is brilliant, volatile, vibrant, exciting and all-embracing. In the summer the ruling elements are yang by character – light, heat, activity and interaction.

Heart and kidneys are like the two ends of the rainbow, clearly visible, but also unbounded. Between them they share an axis of a multicolored glowing ribbon of our being. One end is determined by water (kidneys), and on the other end by fire (heart). Water determines the duration of our life; the fire determines our generosity and vision. Water is semen and the root, the fire is a flower and the fruit. Water is associated with the subconscious, original natural forces and fire is the symbol of wakefulness, moving towards wisdom and compassion.

It’s important to understand the connection between those two organs so we can regain balance during our summer heat days when doing any kind of water activity (swimming) is very beneficial.

Whenever we experience domination of the fire element (this can occur during the summer season), we can become easily hasty, constantly criticizing, noisy and disagreeable – sometimes inciting arguments and disagreements. Reducing the predominance of this element could be achieved by incorporating earth colors in your space and adding water elements like fountains, vases, picture of the oceans and lakes – and also by night walks and breathing in the moonlight.

On the other hand there are people who are experiencing lack of the element of fire which can cause stiff joints, dry skin, eye pain, poor circulation, fatigue, inability of passion, sex and orgasm, feeling of panicking, anxiety and fear about the future. This deficiency of fire element can be supplemented by getting a fish aquarium, birds, turning on the fireplace, barbeque, lighting a candle and incense, or just placing red flowers on a table in the dining room, den or bedroom – and by walking in a clear day and breathing sunlight.

I wish you happiness and JOY during this summer season.

by Eva Paglialonga

Photo credit: Mike Broatch




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