Digestive Problem and Vertigo

I have been suffering with digestive problems and vertigo for many years. I went to medical doctors and had many procedures done, however, no one was able to diagnosis anything except a “lazy gallbladder”, irritated bowel syndrome for the digestive problem and inner ear crystals for the vertigo.

I tried many diets for the digestive problems and exercise for the inner ear problem but nothing seemed to help or only helped for short periods. I was offered many different medications but I do not like to take pharmaceutical remedies, so I tried homeopathic medications and they upset my stomach and I would be back to my same problem, severe pain in my lower abdomen and back, bloatiness, and constipation to diarrhea. One day when I was having one of my digestive attacks and almost fainted at work, I was not concerned because it was common place for me and I knew what I had to do to calm the attack; I had to lay down and breathe slowly, however, my co-workers were upset and concerned that I had these attacks so often and suggested I get a consultation from Eva. I was very impressed with Eva’s knowledge and that she understood what my concerns were and she mapped out a treatment plan for me. No medications, only Eva’s expertise in acupuncture, her knowledge of the body and how the energy flows and along with some excellent dietary suggestions for my body has put me in another state. She worked with my digestive system for about 9 months and I was a new person, I have not had any attacks and my bloatiness and pain is gone. I spoke to her about my vertigo one day and she also worked with me on that issue and I have not had vertigo since she has started treatment, people now do not think I am drunk or on drugs…. She is amazing and her gentleness and explanation of everything she is doing is very reassuring.

I have been going to Eva now for one and a half years and I will forever be grateful for her help. Her commitment to her patients and her passion to her field is a breathe of fresh air (a stress relief) for anyone who wants to have a healthy and well being for life. I thank my co-workers for their advise and most of all I thank Eva for her dedication and patience with me.





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