Do you miss the feeling of being completely calm, confident, and relaxed every morning? Do you want to free yourself from anxiety and depression once and for all? Do you want to spend more quality time with your loved ones, family, and friends without the fear of anxiety and depression episodes? If so, then try acupuncture.

Modern life has provided us convenience and satisfaction in so many aspects of our daily living, yet millions of people still suffer from emotional distress, and anxiety and depression are the two prime suspects that hinder people from fully enjoying the goodness of life.

How Acupuncture Beats Anxiety and Depression

Modern treatment for emotional distress usually uses a combination of psychotherapy and anti-depressant drugs, no matter what symptoms the patient shows.

Traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, doesn’t see emotional distress as illness per se, rather it targets the specific symptoms that are unique to the patient using various techniques, such as acupuncture to restore the balance of the body. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that, the physical body can’t separate its emotional presentations, and vice-versa. Thus, they target the physical body to impact the emotional symptoms it manifests.

How Modern Science See Acupuncture as Effective Treatment for Anxiety and Depression

There had been countless of researches and studies conducted to see the relationship and efficacy of this form of traditional Chinese medicine to emotional distress like anxiety and depression. The evidences of the results are overwhelming, proving the benefits and efficacy of the traditional medicine to overall health and well-being.

Course of Treatment

Most often than not, auricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture) provides almost immediate results, freeing patients from stress and tension even during the treatment. However, this may just be quick relief for some people, thus doing the acupuncture regularly to maintain the balance of “Qi” in the body is very important. A minimum of five treatment sessions is usually prescribed to assess the patient’s response to the treatment and achieve better and longer-lasting results. For best results, patients who need stronger treatments, acupuncture is used alongside with acupressure and traditional Chinese herbal medicine treatments.

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