Causes And Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints heard by doctors from patients and more often than not muscle strain in the back is the culprit. Lower back pain can strike anyone regardless of sex or age. The pain can range from mild to severe to excruciating. Treatment for lower back pain can be done in a conventional or non-conventional manner.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Poor posture and/or immobility – Back pain can result from long hours of sitting. It can also result from poor posture. This type of pain can be rectified by simply standing up after sitting down for an hour so or change in one’s sitting position frequently. Good posture is needed to remove back pain caused by bad posture.

Bad lifting habits – The back muscles and even the spine can be injured when you lift heavy objects the wrong way. The key to avoid getting this type of back pain is to avoid putting pressure on the back and getting your lifting strength from your legs and hips. People toting heavy shoulder bags regularly should use both straps over their shoulders to distribute the weight evenly in their body.

Emotional stress – Stress can cause a lot of illnesses including lower back pain. The muscles are tight and painful in a highly stressed person. Acupuncture is an ideal treatment to help relieve stress, relax those tight muscles, relieve pain and help improve blood flow all over the body.

Shoes – Women wearing high heels almost everyday are likely to suffer from lower back pain. Pregnant women also can experience lower back pain particularly during the last trimester of their pregnancy. Excess weight can also result in a woman’s backache. These types of back pain can be minimized by indulging in certain types of exercises. Acupuncture can also be a good alternative treatment for these types of pain.

Other factors – These can include certain types of illnesses and accidents. Persistent and chronic lower back pain should be immediately diagnosed since it could be a symptom of a reproductive organ (female), lung, kidney disorder.

Treating of Lower Back Pain

Medications, prescribed or over-the-counter, provide transient relief but never solve the underlying cause of the problem. Lower back pain treatment entails early diagnosis and preventive measures in order for the pain to not become a more serious problem. Regular exercise as well as a good diet and adequate sleeping can make your lower back stronger and less prone to injuries. Once the back suffers from pain, your life will suffer greatly and you may have to deal with incredibly discomforting pain every day and even every night. If ever you need treatment using natural and safe methods that deliver long lasting benefits, then acupuncture is best treatment of lower back pain.




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