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New Office! New Location

The Miami Center for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine is a company that heals their client's body through ancient practices that have been used for centuries. They specialize in more than just acupuncture.

Sep 6th, 2018
The Benefits We Get From Acupuncture

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical procedure used to treat people. And today it is still in existence and even quite popular among Chinese and people everywhere. There is also an ongoing debate about the efficacy of acupuncture.

Dec 11th, 2013
Embracing Change

Acupuncture has become a booming phenomenon in recent years, as people are starting to realize that there is, in fact,another approach to medicine. Frequently asked questions can include things such as, “How does acupuncture work?” or...

Apr 19th, 2017
Acupuncture and Gastrointestinal Conditions

Because the typical American diet is not really that balanced or healthy, a large amount of digestive problems are recorded consistently every year. The use of standard medications sometimes may not resolve these problems and some people look for...

Feb 11th, 2014
How To Find The Best Thai Massage in Miami.

Thai Massage in Miami You would be incredibly hard pressed to find even a handful of people that didn’t enjoy an amazing massage once in a while. Easily one of the most relaxing things you can do, even just getting a massage from someone close to...

Dec 11th, 2013
The Man Who Changed My Life…

In the past, Traditional Chinese Medicine was passed from Master to his disciple. In the present time we are the one who choose the professor. Professor can’t choose disciples anymore as he wants because of the school system.

Dec 11th, 2013
Causes And Treatment of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common complaints heard by doctors from patients and more often than not muscle strain in the back is the culprit. Lower back pain can strike anyone regardless of sex or age.

Oct 1st, 2013
Arthritis – Risk Factors

If you start to experience the first signs and symptoms of arthritis like trouble walking or joint pain, it is so important to talk to your health care professional at once particularly if you are at high risk of developing arthritis.

Sep 21st, 2013
Acupuncture for Fertility

Acupuncture for fertility has proven to be the perfect solution for infertility among many couples. Acupuncture is increasingly recognized as a miracle cure for infertility. This method of treatment involves pricking needles on various parts...

Sep 18th, 2013
Fire Element and Summer – What Mood Are You In?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine every organ belongs to a season. You have certainly noticed how the weather has changed and we have entered into summer season. Chinese Medicine is very clear about how every season and universal change can affect...

Aug 27th, 2013