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19 Apr 2017
Acupuncture has become a booming phenomenon in recent years, as people are starting to realize that there is, in fact,another approach to medicine. Frequently asked questions can include things such as, “How does acupuncture work?” or “What are some facts about acupuncture and its benefits?” We’re here to help answer all of your doubts! When seeking medical attention, our first instinct is usually to turn to our general doctor. However, most recently, people are becoming more curious as to why acupuncture is so effective. Acupuncture is one of the most known techniques that is a part of TCM – which…
Because the typical American diet is not really that balanced or healthy, a large amount of digestive problems are recorded consistently every year. The use of standard medications sometimes may not resolve these problems and some people look for other ways, sometimes unconventional ways to find treatment. One of the more unconventional forms of treatment is acupuncture that is used as a solution for various kinds of disorders that conventional medicine cannot satisfactorily address. Acupuncture is the ancient Chinese medicinal art of using needles introduced at acupuncture points or acupoints in the body to treat an ailment. It began in…

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