People who suffer from back pain often resort to all kinds of techniques to find a remedy to their condition. While some opt for massages while others prefer medication. However, recent studies show that acupuncture can actually work much better. In fact, acupuncture – the ancient Chinese technique of inserting needles in to the “acupoints” in the body – has found great success in treating various health problems.

Cause of Back Pain

Two of the most common causes of back pain are sprains and strains. Sprains happen when a ligament on the back is overstretched, while strains happen when a muscle is either ripped or torn because of impact. These two conditions usually result from poor posture, over-reaching, improper lifting or injury.

A herniated disk is also another major cause of severe back pain. Some people easily mistake it with an lump on their back, when it actually is a disc that protrudes out of place as a result of an accident or a birth defect. When suffering from this condition, the patient will experience more acute back pain than the one caused by a sprain or strain.

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture

Acupuncture had been around for more than 2000 years before it started to gain popularity in the West in the late 19th century. Since then, acupuncture has found its way from small and obscure clinics to high-end and fancy hospitals in large cities. It has earned the confidence of patients and doctors alike.

Back pain can be treated through acupuncture by local or distal methods. When the local method is used, the needles are inserted directly at the area where pain is felt. Sometimes sensitive spots caused by acute back pain prevent the Acupuncture Physician to apply the local method. In these cases, the distal method (inserting needles away from the site of pain) can be used.The “acupoints” or the key-points where needles can be inserted to get maximum benefit from the procedure can be located by palpating the patient’s body. Thus, acupuncture is often adjunct with other treatments such as cupping and SES (Slight Electric Stimulation). Patients who undergo acupuncture in our clinic can also be prescribed to take herbs and other natural medications in order to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the treated area. Our goal is to set you pain free naturally without any harmful side effects.