If your doctor tells you that you have arteriosclerosis, it means you have plaque build up in your arteries. Those plaques can have various forms and most of the time are made of fat, cholesterol and calcium. Over time those plaques act as an obstacle and barrier to the flow of the blood that has to transport oxygen and nutrients to the entire body.

Because we have arteries that go to different parts of our circulatory system, arteriosclerosis can affect all of our organs and their function. Specifically, this condition can affect kidneys, heart, brain, legs, basically any part of our entire body. Prevention is always the best instead of getting diagnosed with arteriosclerosis, however Traditional Chinese Medicine can still help when diagnosed.

High blood pressure is one of the high risk factors and common side effects of arteriosclerosis. Acupuncture can be a great solution in lowering your blood pressure, which in part is produced by the plaques in the arteries.

Most of the time patients are also diagnosed with abnormal serum lipid level – cholesterol. If this is your case, then specific dietary recommendations, with intake of special teas and Chinese herbal therapy, could be suggested.

Last, but not least, weight control is extremely important, so please do not underestimate it. In our clinic we help people lose weight and promote physical activity based on your constitution and particular needs.

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