If you miss the feeling of being completely calm, confident, and relaxed every morning and want to free yourself from anxiety and depression all at once to be able to spend more quality time with family and friends, then you should try acupuncture.

Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Moxibustion are very effective techniques against anxiety, panic attacks, depression and stress in general.

Modern treatment for emotional distress usually uses a combination of psychotherapy and anti-depressant drugs. While some people feel relief, medication also adds other symptoms as part of their side effects.

The job of an experienced Doctor of Oriental Medicine is to find the cause of emotional unbalances. On your first evaluation at our Miami acupuncture office visit we will try to find which organ could be related to your condition and adjust it accordingly, so you can begin feeling better. When an organ’s function is adjusted, you can face any kind of future stress a lot easier.

A minimum of five treatment sessions is usually prescribed to assess the patient’s positive response to the treatment and achieve better results. Each session lasts about an hour and after the first one our patients already feel extremely calm and relaxed.