When antibodies such as IgE react to a specific substance, they attach themselves to the mast cells in the individual’s nasal passageways and upper respiratory tract. This attachment causes the mast cells to erupt destroying the allergen and affecting the surrounding tissues causing the symptoms of allergy. Some individuals react to specific allergens that may be harmless to others.

Listed below are the factors that commonly cause allergies.

Host factors – Your predisposition to certain allergens can be due to your ethnic background, age, heredity and genetic factors. The factor most at risk here is the heredity factor as it heightens the chances of that person to be able to acquire an allergy. This can be seen when for example, if both your parents are allergic to a certain substance the chances are very high that you also are allergic to this kind of substance.

Environmental factors- These factors can also be inclusive of childhood exposure to pollution, dietary changes and direct contact to diseases during childhood to name a few. For a lot of people the inhaling of allergens like pet dander, dust mite particles, mold spores, airborne dust and dirt and pollen can cause them to develop allergic reactions. These are additionally major factors behind someone producing respiratory allergies.

Pregnancy and Pathogens – Believe it or not pregnancy can cause allergy symptoms to manifest. Pregnancy weakens the immune system making the body prone to viral or bacterial attacks. The fetus is more prone to allergic reactions than the mother.

Other Causes of Allergy for some people may include:

Candles – Some scented candles can inflame the nasal cavities of certain types of people.

Perfume – Many of these perfumes contain chemicals that are usually untested on people and when they are exposed can cause some people to feel dizzy, suffer from congestion or sneeze.

Detergents and soaps and detergents – A perfume ingredient added to soaps can cause itching when it comes into contact with the skin.

Paints – Most paints contain synthetic resins and solvents that can lead to skin irritation, headaches or itchy eyes.

Nickel – For unknown reasons nickel can be an allergen to a sizable segment of the population. If you are allergic to nickel and have buttons in your pants and shirts made from nickel, you can replace them with plastic ones or paint them with clear nail polish.

Most people in Miami don’t recognize acupuncture as your typical medical treatment for allergies. But if you want to stay away from the harmful side effects of prescription drugs to treat your allergies, you may be pleasantly surprised to discover that acupuncture has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, not just for pain but for many symptoms including allergies.