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I have not known anything about the power of acupuncture treatment until I had my panic attack few months ago. There aren’t words that could describe the worst feeling of having a panic attack. I use to feel heat, flashes, dizziness, and heaviness in my body.

My doctor put on medicine to take for at least six months. Since I am against taking medicine due to many side effects, I asked for alternative treatment. One of my colleagues brought to my attention the magic of acupuncture. I didn’t believe her but I was in a very bad shape that I wanted to get myself back under any condition. I started to look for an acupuncturist and it happened that Eva is friend to my best friend. The second I saw Eva, I felt that I knew this lady from another world. I totally trusted her. I started feeling better and stopped taking any pills after a few sessions. Today I feel like myself is back to a normal life. I still continue to see Eva once in a while to balance my system. It is amazing to see how small needles can treat people without any side effects. One thing I have learned about the wonderful Eva is she loves her job and she cares about her patients. I love her and I owe her big time.


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