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I was first referred to Eva for a massage over 6 years ago. From the first touch she gave I knew I she had a great hand. The massages she gave from that point forward were so good that I became completely hooked on all the variations of massages Eva offers from traditional deep tissue to hot stone to traditional Thai massages. About 9 months ago I decided to take several different changes in my life including the my overall quality of life as related to my chronic asthma.

Eva had recommended I begin traditional acupuncture treatment with her in lieu of the other medications i was taking which included singulair, albuterol and other corticosteriods. At first I wasn’t sure that the treatments would work and i felt nervous to be off the medication since most of my asthma triggers have been induced by allergies. It has now been 8 months since I have been receiving treatment with Eva and my asthma episodes have been significantly reduced to the point which i can say that I’m free from inhalors and steroids. It has been over 5 months since the last episode which i felt the need to use an inhalor. For me, that is astonishing since I did not perceive how the use of acupuncture in conjunction with herbs could decrease the symptoms associated with asthma and the all the side effects caused by the western medications. I am happy to say that thanks to these valuable treatments I am a healthy individual who no longer struggles to breathe. Thank you Eva!


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