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In late 2008, almost two years ago, during a routine check up I was diagnosed with a Thyroid problem. My physician and the specialist I was referred to run all the test including the Iodine up take and the diagnosis which they came up with was to start the treatment based on the western medicine drug. I had known Eva since before and I asked her if there was a way Acupuncture could treat my Thyroid problem; off course her answer was YES.

I went back to the specialist and told him that I would try acupuncture first instead of heading towards a life time consumption of the medicine. My doctor was not sure that acupuncture could be of any help but told me to see him in six month for a follow up. Little bit more than six month later I went back for the follow up and after he saw that the blood test where back to the normal levels, he had to admit that acupuncture really worked. Up to date all the tests and regular check up I have done indicate that everything is under control and I don’t have any particular symptom that might indicate Thyroid disease any more.

Thank you Eva!


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